CXC and AFA Press Con.

When you have two rather similar happenings going at the same time, you can’t avoid making comparisons.

One was the press conference for Comics Xchange. The other was the press conference for AFA11.  Comics Xchange press conference was at Goodman Arts Center last Friday, 23rd Sep. AFA11 press conference was at AKB48 Cafe, 26 Sep. Two press conference within a couple of days.

Two press conference which could not be more different. Read more

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People you meet at ACME

ACME posts are always particularly difficult to write. What exactly do you talk about? Yea, there was Charafest where you get tones of Comiket goodies. And there are the doujin booths which we will take up and sell cool, awesome stuffs. There are competitions galore but they are always so far away from the doujin booths that we can see it. And there is little to no cosplay for us to ogle too.

What makes ACME special for us will have to be people. The people we meet and interact with during this special event. And that will be what this ‘field report’ is about. Read more

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