STGCC ’11 was fun. Partly due to how much freedom we had. No permanent booth, less concerns. Everyone is free to roam the grounds, blow their budget at White Canvas or stalk idols for autographs.

We will be having a booth at ACME 3. So there will be slightly less fooling around on our side. But there will still be plenty for us to look forward to. And of course, the purpose of this post, plenty from us for you to look forward to.

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And we’re back in STGCC!

Year 2008. Back then, CDS was just started and we took a gamble with a booth at the then-new STGCC. It was fun and all but after that, CDS never went back. The booth prices had gone up and as a doujin group, we are not inclined to paying those kind of prices.

However, that didn’t mean that we don’t like STGCC. Every year, we went back to see how things are. To have fun and stuffs like that. STGCC usually takes a less anime-hardcore, more western focus of ‘geekdom’ which isn’t really our thing. But we know a nice, fun event when we see one.

This year, suddenly anime. We found the STGCC website announcing the arrival of Japanese guests such as Kipi, Kishida Mel and Itou Shizuka. Now we gotta find our way back into the event. Thus begins Operation STGCC. Read more

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Double Team

A good partnership is one which both partners bring something to the table. Where one side is lacking, the other partner will provide. With the combined efforts and resources of both partners, they can accomplished what they would not be able to do so individually.

On our part, CDS enjoys a good partnership just like anyone else. We have been fortunate enough to know a good number of contacts and enjoy a good working relationship with them. Occasionally a new opportunity arise and we took it gratefully. It is quite a coincidence that for the two upcoming major events, we will be partnering with commercial entities to bring you some pretty cool stuffs.

Read on to see what you can find at STGCC and ACME over at (not) our booths!

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Obligatory blog post

Are we prominent bloggers? Well, not really if you compare us to the likes of Ani-culture or Gordonator or Supermerlion. However, apparently we were prominent enough to be invited to the occasional press conference and get some freebies along the way. Just last, last weekend, we were invited to attend the Shine Youth Festival closing ceremony and an ex-General will be the GOH. Knowing that a General might not be enough to get us to raise our hands, the organizers continued to tempt us with a Captain. With that, we quickly raised our hands and went for it.

The price of watching an ex-General and a Captain? This obligatory blog post. Read more

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