A more peaceful Cosfest

There are some things about Cosfest that we always take for granted.

You can expect an almost carnival-like atmosphere; a lot of cosplayers; a whole load of fun; the organizers giving us grief; poor sound system needing us to shout. As it turned out, it wasn’t so bad. TheĀ splittingĀ of the cosplay and the doujin tent worked out better than what we would have expected.

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Cosfest X.I or Comicsworld?

In a twisted way, Cosfest is like QB. They make promises and to a certain extent, they deliver. But there is also something about it that we just don’t really like. A catch. Perhaps like needing to print A2 artworks on black mounting board for their publicity with no assurance that it won’t be abused for their personal profits.

This Cosfest, CDS went all out and we present to you a whole slew of artworks to feast your eyes on. So read on as we unveil the announced and the unannounced products that we have come up with this time.

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A trip to Harris Planerds

Occasionally, the artists of CDS get out of their dungeons homes and roam around Singapore for a breath of fresh air, food , sunlight and sightseeing. Most of the time, these trips are uneventful and quickly forgotten. Sometimes, we find gems that are worth blogging about. This is one of them.

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