A tale of two conventions

Singapore and Malaysia are traditionally rivals. There’s plenty of historical baggage drilled into us through ‘National Education’ and those comments that politicians still make nowadays are not helping things along. We compete in almost everything. Economy, sports, food. In any international competition, if you can’t be the top, at least beat our neighbors up north. Luckily, like any rivalry in an anime or manga, rivalry aside, both nations are pretty comfortable with each other.

Your average Singaporean gets along pretty well with your average Malaysian. This applies to us, local fans of animanga too. On our part, CDS have enjoyed pretty good ties with Malaysian art groups such as Surface. Still, having recently participated in events on both sides of the causeway, we can’t help but notice and compare the differences between how things are. This will be an article that looks into the differences between two events, one week apart. Specifically, EOY and Comic Fiesta.

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And we are back

2010 is finally coming to an end. However, despite having only less than a month to go, the year’s activities doesn’t seem to be dying down any moment soon. A jam-packed December awaits and here are some of the highlights we are (and you should be) looking forward to: Read more

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