AFA X: Invasion of the invaders

As I said inĀ an earlier post, AFA meant a lot of things for different people. You will either like it a lot or you might find it disappointing. Some will find faults while others will just gush about how wonderful EVERYTHING is. You should probably read everything before coming to an opinion. AFA X isn’t perfect even if the organizers deserves credit for pulling it off. Now, we shall not dwell upon these serious stuffs since that’s probably not what you are really here for, deshou?

For us at CDS, AFA X was fun. Truly, truly, sincerely fun. And perhaps, for us, that is what matters most.

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A very special Hanazawa AFA

AFA X is this weekend. Are you excited yet?

If you are, you should be. If you are not… you probably have your reasons too. Everyone have a different stake in AFA and this AFA, you might either be very hyper about it or you are very disappointed. Hopefully, this post will give you a couple more reasons to be excited about AFA X for this AFA, CDS will be bringing you a great showcase of beautiful artworks and a whole lot of love for a very special AFA guest, the lovely Kana Hanazawa.

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