My plans for Otacute foiled!

The Otacute mascot posting was done with the intention of garnering support for WaHa/Summanus’ entry and to encourage everyone to go support your favorite entry regardless of artist. Otacute had stood up to indicate that the winning entry will decided not by number of positive comments but by themselves based on what they want. However, they do take the comments into consideration. So, meh, not much change. Everyone should still go and post your supportive statement for the entry best suited and of the best quality.

Now that the results are already announced; did my posting achieve its objective? Read more

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Alien Occupation

So here we finally have a late report from TC on Comic World Seoul 97, which was an unexpected, if pleasant surprise for CDS in a sneaky stealth participation at the event. Much was gleaned from the experience, which will be valuable for future overseas events.  As usual, we apologize for the crappy photography. Read more to find out.

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Thinking about mascots

Normally, the only reason to go to Otacute is to get those rare touhou figma which can’t be found in your usual online shops and are sold at cut-throat prices in Singapore.  Otherwise, their stocks of the usual products are more expensive than say, Amiami or Hobbysearch. However, recently, Otacute had a mascot competition. Design a mascot for them and win either some paypal cash or some vouchers that can be used to buy stuffs at Otacute. That got my interest. Read more

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