Your client is your boss

And for me, that was the truth. After my graduation from university, I have been bumming around since I believe the dream job is worth waiting for. At the meanwhile, I continued to meet clients or organize events as the CDS Projects Manager. However, for now, drawing a fraction of the commission fees, giving tuition to brats and four years of savings can only last you so long in inflation-happy Singapore. I need to get a job. Or at least do something that can hold my finances till that slowpoke stat board replies to me on my job application.   Read more

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Looting Seoul

And so at last we have a report from Korea’s burgeoning doujin scene, courtesy of our intrepid hermit TC, who is there for undisclosed reasons. Contrary to expectations, Korea’s animanga scene is alive and kicking despite the apparent lack of anime or manga shops floating around the country. As a testament to the scene, they even have a MONTHLY doujin event just to showcase the latest and greatest Korean doujinshis. Theres also the subject of Korean Cosplay, of course, but that isnt our speciality.  Read more to find out! Also, crappy photos are crappy.

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The late A.C.M.E. report

A.C.M.E. took place some weeks ago. After some nagging, it was with some melancholy that I produce this event report. There will be other better event reports out there anyway. With more pictures and praises. But then again. This is, after all, going to be the last event before a relatively long drought of events for us doujin groups. It deserves something. And so here we go… Read more

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