Rounding up the year

Yes. After a month of procastination and nagging from the Evil Overlord, I have finally gotten up my lazy butt to do our event reports for AFA and EOY. Both events have rather different objectives and though the crowd overlaps, there are subtle differences which I will mention along the way. Since there will be plenty of coverage on these events elsewhere anyway, I will talk mainly on our involvement and my opinions about both events.

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#CxD0001/CDS0018 – After School Tea Timers

Azunyan is tired of the club being such a slacker club and thus motivates everyone to prepare for another performance. However, what is a K-on story without the antics of our lovable characters doing cute, funny things? Don’t forget to throw in obligatory D*C reference from our satsugai-loving artists.

As a final product to cap 2009 and start off 2010, CDS has collaborated with up-and-coming art group, Daiyaku for the first time to bring to you this K-on story, After School Tea Timers.  Featuring full colored illustrations and a series of 4 komas from artists of both groups, this doujin is a must-have for any fans of K-on. Read more

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